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Faceoff Factory

Tuesday, June 25

Maple Grove HS


The evening before the iD Showcase!

6-8p: Faceoff Factory ($150)
8-9p: All-Access add-on ($50)

Work with Joe Nardella, one of the top faceoff specialists in the world!

Faceoff Factory All Acccess

  • FOF warmup that couples fundamental faceoff skills with anticipation tactics, focus work, and competitive-based hand speed exercises. 
  • Training will consist of a heavy focus on the fundamental efficiency of clamping the ball, refining technical aspects of the faceoff following our clamp, advanced moves/strategies at the X, counter moves, proper footwork/body positioning, and discussions on wing play.
  • Drilling will be competition-based and take place in small groups (sorted by age and ability).
  • Live repetition in the form of pre-tournament signature seeding and a double-elimination competition. We will be filming the players during their live competition reps for immediate feedback.
  • FOF All-Access: The goal of All-Access is to offer students a more in-depth learning experience. We strive to challenge students to master core fundamentals, advanced moves and techniques, tie-up strategy, and situational IQ. All-Access will take place 1 hour after the Development Day with Coach Reilly. All-Access will be limited to 15 players and will feature small competition-based drills, immediate film analysis, and live repetition with our staff.