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NCAA Coaches' Feedback

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“The iD Showcase is an absolute pleasure to be apart of. The event is very well organized, the talent is strong, and the group of coaches that attend have a great attitude towards coaching the kids. This will be a staple for me every summer.” – Joe Nardella, Harvard (D1)

"I enjoyed participating in the iD Showcase and was impressed with the level of play and the overall growth of the game.  The players were fun to coach and worked hard.  I look forward to attending in the future." – Bill Tully, Quinnipiac (D1)

The iD Showcase was a great opportunity to work with some of the best kids in the region.” – Andrew Geison, Monmouth NJ (D1)

I’d like to thank Bob Dignazio and the iD Showcase staff for organizing a great event: a well balanced camp that allowed the student-athletes to showcase themselves while getting the opportunity to focus on their individual skill development. Lindenwood University is looking forward to attending again in 2017.” – Scott Stark, Lindenwood (D2) 

“The iD Showcase is a true first class event, and one we will make a regular stop on our recruiting travels." – Doug Misarti, Kenyon (D3)

“The iD Showcase was a great event.  It ran the perfect amount of time with a very good player-coach ratio.  All the players were very respectful and hardworking, definitely a lot kids that can play at the next level.  If you want the exposure to play lacrosse in college, then the iD Showcase is for you.” – Mike Fahey, Concordia-Wisconsin (D3)

“It was great attending the event. The showcase was a great opportunity to evaluate players individually through small group instruction, as well as team play. Both of which are essential to get a good look at a player. The college round table was also terrific to get to know players personally that were interested in my school. ‘Look forward to coming back in the future.” – Bryan Reinert, Wooster (D3)

“This was a great event that was very well organized. It was a great opportunity for some excellent players in Minnesota to show collegiate coaches what they have to offer to their program, as well as having the opportunity to speak with the coaches individually about their programs at the coaches' round table.” – James Fleming, Carthage (D3)

The Registration "NCAA Coaches' Feedback" is not currently available.